Storm Straker

1. What is your name?

Storm Straker

2. How old are you?

20 years old

3. What is your nearest Millbry Hill store?

Richmond store

4. Where are you based?

Based near Richmond, Caldwell

5. What are your disciplines?

Eventing is my main discipline

6. Describe yourself and your team

A family run business, who works hard and brings young horses up the levels. Aim to get the best out of our horses through hard work and dedication. We aim to succeed at our own goals and not follow the paths that everyone else tries to set for us.

7. Who trains you?

Every now and then Chris Bartle and Pammy Hutton, don’t get many lessons.

8. What is your greatest Equestrian achievement so far?

Two top 5 positions in 2 4*s (old 3*)

9. What is your greatest Equestrian achievement so far?

Getting my Badminton qualification for 2020

10. What are your long term Equestrian goals?

To get on the Olympic team but also to have a string of young horses that will go to Le Lion

11. What competitions/events will you be attending this year?

Too many to mention, but the main ones will be Belton, Bramham, Barbury, potentially Tatts?, Blair, Bleinham

12. What is the highest level you have competed to?

4* (old 3*)

13. Name your favourite competition and why

Bramham as it is ‘the big local’ and such a well run competition. Also nice that my dad competed there and won a couple of times.

14. How did you get into horses?

Part of the family with my granny being a junior European team selector, my aunt a 4 time Olympian and my dad a 4* rider (old format).

15. How many horses do you currently have/ride?

We have 11 in work at the moment, with some more youngsters to break over summer. Hopefully we will cut down soon though!

16. What's the favourite horse you've had or have?

Favourite horse is my top horse Versace, although I have had many ponies who I owe a lot to. Versace is part of the family, we could never let him go!

17. Who do you admire in the Equestrian world?

There are many people I admire, I wouldn’t say I have a specific role model

18. What is your favourite Equestrian brand and why?

Le Mieux, their products are all second to none with quality and style.

19. Name one product you can't live without and why?

A riding hat! I don’t have many particular products, but I do love my Active-Med rug as a pre warm up for the horses.

20. What would you say your life motto is?

Take things as they come, enjoy life and do you.

21. Have you competed abroad and where?

Yes I competed at Haras Du Pin. Such a fun event and I hope that I can go out abroad more often, I have looked at going to Boekelo at the end of the year. As well as this I would like to try and get one of my 6 year olds to the World Championships this year at Le Lion, although its a long shot, its always good to have an aim!