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Shop our range of rabbit food and forage at Millbry Hill. We offer a wide selection of rabbit food in pellet and mix form, plus feeding hay, dried grasses & herb mixes to provide your pet with the top quality nutrition needed to keep him fit and healthy throughout life.

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What should I feed my Rabbit?

Rabbits require a varied diet, of which rabbit pellets or muesli forms only as small part. Rabbits should be fed ample amounts of forage and hay - as a guide they should eat at least their own body size of hay each day! Hay and forage is very important for keeping both the rabbits teeth and digestive system healthy, so should be available at all times, along with a supply of fresh water. Rabbits should also be fed a handful of fresh vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, broccoli and kale, twice a day to help provide important vitamins and nutrients. Rabbits need just a tablespoon of nuggets or rabbit mix every day to complete their diet. If you are feeding a muesli style feed, make sure they are not just picking out their favourite bits! If your rabbit is leaving some of their mix, switch to a pellet or nugget style feed so they don't miss out on any important nutrients.

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