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Keep your Chinchilla happy and healthy by providing them with a healthy and nutritious diet. At Millbry Hill we stock a range on Chinchilla Feeds and well as a great selection of Small Animal Forage for optimal digestive health.

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What should I feed my Chinchilla?

Chinchillas should be fed about 1-2 tablespoons of pelleted chinchilla food a day to supply all their essential vitamins and minerals. However the bulk of their diet should consist of good quality forage from hay and dried grass, as a Chinchilla's digestive system requires hay and grass to be able to function properly. You should always make sure your chinchillas have hay and water available. Chinchillas can be fed a small amount of dried fruit and rood vegetables as a treat and to add variety to theri diet, or there are also special Chinchilla Treats availale to buy. However you should avoid feeding your chinchilla too many nuts and seeds as these are high in fat and can lead to obesity and ill health.

Here at Millbry Hill we stock a wide range of chinchilla foods, forages and treats, as well as accessories, bedding and bathing sands. Plus get free delivery when you spend £75 or more online (postcode and weight restrictions apply), so stock up on all your essentials today.