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Shop our range of parrot food and seed mixes here at Millbry Hill. Our range of quality feeds includes specialist blends for a variety of parrot species, including Macaws and African Greys. Browse the range below.

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Here at Millbry Hill we stock a fantastic selection of parrot food and seed mixes for a wide range of parrot breeds including Macaws and African Greys. Our specialist range includes mixes and blends from leading manufactures of parrot feed, including Versele-Laga, Bucktons and Johnston & Jeff.

What feed is best for my parrot?
Whichever brand you choose, to ensure you are providing the best diet for your parrot, make sure you feed a complete parrot food designed for the specific age and size of your bird. These feeds contain all the nutrition your parrot needs and should be used as the base portion of your bird's diet. To add a variety and interest, which can help reduce boredom as well as providing nutritional benefits, provide your bird extra fresh fruits and vegetables. Other tasty extras such as sprouted seeds, nuts, seeds and specialist parrot treats can also be used to make up the rest of your parrots's daily intake. Some base parrot feeds also contain a variety of dried fruit and nuts which provide a convenient way to add extra variety to the diet.

All our parrot feed and seed is manufactured to the highest quality to ensure the highest nutritional quality for your birds. Do;t forget we also supply a wide range of bird health care products as well as cages and accessories, with next day delivery available on a wide range of items. Shop for your parrot food with us now.