Meet Tilly Millbank

1. What’s your name?

Tilly Milbank

2. How old are you?


3. Where is your nearest store?


4. Where are you based?

Richmond, North Yorkshire

5. What are your disciplines?


6. Describe yourself and your team:

Ambitious and want to have fun.

7. Who trains you?

Rhona Smith.

8. What is your greatest equestrian achievement so far?

Coming first in my first BE100 U18 at Allerton Park.

9. Do you have any goals for this year?

To join the U18 Northern team.

10. What are your long term equestrian career goals?

To get to the top level in Eventing.

11. What competitions/events will you be attending this year?

As many as possible.

12. What is the highest level you have competed to?


13. Name your favourite competition and why:

Allerton Park, because I won there and Aske because it’s really close to home and it’s a really nice course.

14. How did you get into horses?

My Dad used to take me to riding lessons hoping I’d be put off horses. 

15. How many horses do you currently have/ride?


16. What’s the favourite horse you’ve had or have?

My favourite horse so far has to be Sammy who we sold last year.

17. Who do you admire in the equestrian world?

Oliver Townend.

18. What is your favourite equestrian brand and why?

For the horses I love NAF because their products are really good for getting the horses looking smart and the supplementshelp them stay on form. For myself, I love Pikeur and Ariat as their clothing is really comfy to ride in and keeps me cool when competing in the summer.

19. Name the one product you can’t live without and why?

NAF love the skin he's in because it keeps their coats looking nice and shiny before events and keeps their coats looking healthy.

20. What would you say your life motto is?

Focus on yourself.

21. Have you competed abroad and where?

No I haven’t yet but I would love to in the future.