1. What’s your name?

Ruby Todd

2. How old are you?


3. Where is your nearest store?


4. Where are you based?

North Yorkshire

5. What are your disciplines?

Mainly Eventing, but I also compete in all disciplines.

6. Describe yourself and your team:

My longest standing pony is Scrappy, who used to event but due to a reoccurring suspensory he can no longer compete. He now spends his days on the hunting field. The next, and youngest, pony is Charmer who I have had for two years in summer; he has come on massively, considering we could not get round a full course of show jumps and dressage boards were out of the picture! The newest member of my team is Colleen, who arrived the day of Scrappy’s last ever competition. This year she will take Scrappy’s place in the lorry and we will have a go at Eventing together. I am very lucky to have horsey parents, who drive me all over the country. I am extremely grateful for our two grooms - Stuart and Melissa who help keep my ponies fit in the long winter months when I am at school.

7. Who trains you?

Sarah Tubbs, Susie Gibson, Moray Nicholson are just a few names to mention!

8. What is your greatest equestrian achievement so far?

It has to be when I was asked to ride at Olympia in the finale. Charmer came 3rd in his first ever BE and in my first couple of BS competitions I qualified and attended Scope and Nationals, on one of my favourite little mares - Jessie Black.

9. Do you have any goals for this year?

My goals are to get Charmer going at BE80’s and later on move him up to BE 90. I want to start Colleen at BE90 and maybe do a few BE100’s, whilst competing for Three Valleys Riding Club, Zetland Hunt Pony Club and Barnard Castle School.

10. What are your long term equestrian career goals?

I would love to carry on competing, but my dream has been to set up Equestrian facilities abroad, preferably a Greek island as there are limited facilities for horses.

11. What competitions/events will you be attending this year?

Pony club show jumping and Eventing Areas, NSEA dressage and show jumping championships.

12. What is the highest level you have competed to?

National Championships for PC, BRC and NSEA, Height: 90 - 105

13. Name your favourite competition and why:

NSEA Championships at Keysoe

14. How did you get into horses?

I started having riding lessons when I was three at miniature world riding school. I then went to Stainsby Grange, but I wanted to do more than one lesson a week so when I was five my parents bought me my first pony - Butterfly.

15. How many horses do you currently have/ride?

Personally I have three ponies, but sometimes I have the privilege of riding my mum and dads horses.

16. What’s the favourite horse you’ve had or have?

Jessie Black was definitely one of my favourites, although I think the top of my list has been Scrappy for a few years now. I am however very pleased with how Charmer has turned out and I love Colleens way of going.

17. Who do you admire in the equestrian world?

There are many well-known people in the equestrian world that I admire, but my dad was definitely an inspiration when I was younger. I think he shaped my love for hunting and flying around a cross country course as I knew I could always follow him over a jump and safely get to the other side on my pocket rocket of a pony, Jessie Black. Nowadays he sometimes needs a lead off the super-pony Scrappy

18. What is your favourite equestrian brand and why?

Aztec Diamond, because it is a local business and is fashionable, but I also rate Kingsland and Ariat for their outstanding quality.

19. Name the one product you can’t live without and why?

In summer the Carr & Day & Martin fly spray is a must! It has a slow spraying action so it’s great for the younger horses, and Colleen who absolutely hates sprays!

20. What would you say your life motto is?

Just be yourself

21. Have you competed abroad and where?

Not unless Scotland and Wales count!