Meet Meet Mark Clague

1. What’s your name?

Mark Clague

2. How old are you?


3. Where is your nearest store?


4. Where are you based?

West Cumbria

5. What are your disciplines?

Showing, Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, RC and of course the new venture Side-Saddle.

6. Describe yourself and your team:

I am outgoing and determined. I see it through to the end, no matter the outcome.

7. Who trains you?

Anthony Clark, Jake Taylor and soon to be Susan Bowman.

8. What is your greatest equestrian achievement so far?

With my old horse that I lost 2yrs ago, we qualified for the workers championship at Blair Castle and competed against some top riders. We gave a good fight! My new Orange Boy has achieved so much in the 2yrs that we have been partners in crime. We have achieved and qualified for 6 championships in a mere 10 months.

9. Do you have any goals for this year?

To qualify for yet more championships and to hopefully qualify for the search for a star at Greenlands ROR class for HOYS (always think big).

10. What are your long term equestrian career goals?

To compete at HOYS and The National Side-Saddle Champs at Addington. I also want to be a great ambassador for Millbry Hill.

11. What competitions/events will you be attending this year?

I will be competing at the sparked show series throughout the early part of this year, along with county shows. We will also be competing locally and throughout the UK doing side-saddle if all is well.

12. What is the highest level you have competed to?

At county level with my previous horses, but with the Orange Boy who knows, the sky's the limit.

13. Name your favourite competition and why:

For me personally, it has to be a showing class (It’s all about the ring craft).

14. How did you get into horses?

It started at the mere age of 8 year old after being thrown on a Welsh Section A without a saddle and being told to hold on!

15. How many horses do you currently have/ride?

I only have the Orange Boy now and that's all the horse anyone would ever need.

16. What’s the favourite horse you’ve had or have?

I would have to say firstly my old girl Amber (Invisible Touch).  She taught me so much, but the Orange Boy has my absolute heart.

17. Who do you admire in the equestrian world?

In showing it is Katie Jerrum-Hunnable and Robert Walker. For Eventing its WFP and Ruth Edge. In Dressage it has to be Karl Hester.  I also admire everyone with a have a go attitude within the equestrian world, whether it’s a top level or PC/RC.

18. What is your favourite equestrian brand and why?

I love Supreme Products for the showing scene and Eqclusive for the amazing brushes that make my job so easy. LeMieux are also amazing products.

19. Name the one product you can’t live without and why?

Again, it would have to be Eqclusive Brushes.

20. What would you say your life motto is?

Have a go and never give up. Don't be put down just try your best. Everyone has a bad day but you will always achieve again.

21. Have you competed abroad and where?

Never competed abroad but there's always a first time for everything.