Hoof Supplements for Horses

At Millbry Hill, we offer hoof supplements for horses that help support hoof growth and integrity, improving the condition of the foot. Containing active ingredients such as Biotin, MSM and zinc, our range of horse hoof supplements from leading brands such as NAF and Farriers Formula, can help protect against brittle and cracked hooves.

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Why use a Hoof Supplement?

As the saying goes, 'No Foot, No Horse', so it is vital that your horse's hooves are kept in optimum condition. Poor hoof quality is a common problem seen in horses of all types and breeds, although thoroughbred types tend to be more prone to these problems than cob types. However, any horse with a diet deficient in essential vitamins and minerals will eventually reflect this in slower growing hooves that are prone to splitting, cracking and having difficulty in holding a shoe. Therefore, if your horse is showing signs of poor hoof condition, one of the first things you should consider is his diet. Most pastures are deficient in several key vitamins and minerals and if your horse is not being fed the manufacturer's recommended quantities of hard feed, his diet may be lacking in essential nutrients. In this case, it is advisable to feed a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, such as NAF General Purpose Supplement or Globalvite, or to use a feed balancer. Alternatively, if you are not feeding a hard feed, Dodson & Horrell Equibites provide your horses with essential vitamins and minerals in a handy treat form.

However, some horses are prone to poor hoof quality, even when receiving optimum nutrition. For these equines a specific hoof supplement can provide that extra nutritional support to assist in the growth of strong and supple hooves. Most hoof supplements contain high levels of biotin as the main ingredient, which has been scientifically proven, including in trials with the Lipizzan stallions at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, to decrease incidence of hoof cracks, reduce crumbling of the horn, and support greater measurable tensile strength of the hoof. Biotin is usually combined with other nutrients such as zinc, which is important for the health of hair, skin, and hooves yet often lacking in the equine diet, MSM, manganese, selenium, vitamin C, and other B vitamins.

It is important to remember that when using a hoof supplement you will not see instant results, as the supplement cannot repair a cracked or crumbly hoof, but simply encourage better growth from the coronary band down. As the average hoof grows at a rate of a quarter to a third of an inch a month, it can take from six to nine months for the true effects to be seen.

However, once your horse is receiving the correct nutrition to support hoof growth, there are also a huge range of applications that can be applied directly to the hoof wall to support the existing hoof structure. Our range of hoof care products includes hoof moisturisers, dressings and balms which can condition the hoof and help prevent cracking, especially in dry conditions.

All of our range of hoof supplements and hoof care products are available to buy online, with free UK delivery on orders over £75 (subject to a maximum weight limit and some remote postcode restrictions).