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Protect your horse from the elements with our range of turnout rugs from leading brands including Weatherbeeta, Premier Equine & Shires. Whatever the weather you can ensure your horse stays warm & conformable in the field, be it a heavyweight to protect from the coldest wind and rain or a lightweight rug for those mild spring days.

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Depending on your horse’s environment, natural coat type and other factors, such as if your horse is clipped, will have a big impact on what type of turnout rug your horse will require. Turnout rugs can be classified as lightweight, mediumweight or heavyweight, with some particularly thick filled rugs being labelled as super-heavyweight. The weight of a rug refers more to the insulating properties of the horse rug, rather than it's physical weight, as more technical fabrics can offer a much greater level of insulation than on a gram-for-gram basis than a cheaper alternative, meaning you can provide your horse with greater levels of warmth without the bulk, which allows for greater comfort and freedom of movement. The heavier-weight the rug, the warmer it is.

Horse turnout rugs also come with various neck options, the most popular being standard neck turnouts and combo-turnouts. Combo neck rugs have an integrated neck cover to provide extra protection from the elements. Detach-a-Neck rugs are also a popular choice as they allow you to add or remove the neck cover depending on weather conditions, so you can easily switch between a standard neck or full neck style. Some rugs feature a half neck style, which offer a little more protection than a standard neck, and can often be a good choice if the horse suffers from the rug rubbing around the withers.