Horse Rugs

From heavyweight turnout rugs for the depths of winter to fly sheets to protect your horse from summer pests, at Millbry Hill we have an excellent range of horse rugs for all seasons. Stockists of all the leading horse rug brands, including Weatherbeeta, Horseware, Shires & Premier Equine, our range of horse rugs have been trusted by horse owners for generations.

Whether you own a hardy native or a fine skinned thoroughbred, chances are your horse is going to own a rug or two (or three, or four...). Most horses, especially if clipped, will require a selection of turnout rugs and stable rugs in different weights to provide adequate levels of warmth and comfort throughout the seasons. Coolers and fleece rugs are essential to help regulate temperature after exercise, and are also useful for use as travel sheets. Over the summer, when flies and other insects are proving bothersome, fly rugs can help make life a lot more comfortable for your horse in the field, whilst summer sheets or stable sheets can help keep your horse clean in his stable before a show, without him getting too hot.

During the winter, turnout rugs are a must-have in every horse's wardrobe. We'd recommend having at least two turnout rugs, so if one rug is wet, it can be allowed to dry whilst the other is worn. Turnout rugs come in various weights to keep your horse warm in all weather conditions and in different styles such as standard neck and combo neck rugs to suit the needs of the individual horse. And whilst an unclipped native type can happily live out without the need for a turnout rug, using a lightweight turnout rug to protect against the wet and mud can be a huge benefit for the rider!

So whatever rug your horse needs, come and discover our range of fly rugs, turnout rugs, combo-rugs, stable rugs and accessories from leading equestrian brands including Weatherbeeta, Horseware, Masta, Shires & Premier Equine.