Veteran Horse Feeds

As the horse ages, his nutritional requirements alter and therefore it can often be beneficial to feed a specific Veteran Diet. Veteran horses are typically classed as those aged 16 years plus. As veteran horses can be prone to dropping condition, these feeds tend to be higher in oil in increase calorie content. Some may also include added ingredients to support joint health.

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When to feed a Senior Horse Feed

There is not set age from which a horse should be fed a senior or veteran horse feed. If your older horse is still looking and performing well there is probably no need to change his diet. However if you are finding he his starting to lose weight and condition, it may be time to introduce a veteran feed.

The older horse's digestive system can become less efficient, so Veteran feeds are designed to provide readily digestible, non-heating calories which are easier for your horse to absorb and utilise. The senior horse may also suffer from dental problems such as loose and worn teeth,making it difficult for veterans to chew properly, so Veteran feeds tend to use fibres which are easier to chew and digest.

If your horse is not ready for a veteran horse feed just yet, check out our range of general maintenance horse feeds. At Millbry Hill we also stock a complete range of feed balancers, haylage and chaffs to complete your horse's diet. We deliver across the UK, or collect your feed order for free from your local Millbry Hill store.