1. What is your name?

Cara Shardlow

2. How old are you?


3. Where is your nearest Millbry Hill store?   


4. Where are you based?


5. What is your disciplines?


6. Describe yourself and your team?

I am an International small tour dressage rider, my current horses are Detonator a 13yr old gelding competing at Inter II level, hope to go GP this yea.  Sandonista, black gelding 9 yrs old competing adv medium hope to compete PSG this year. Stovkants Soprass, 6yrs chestnut gelding, novice level hoping to go Elem this year. also a 3 yr old gelding Sidney getting backed shortly.

7. Who trains you?

Becky Moody

8. What is your greatest Equestrian achievement so far?

Competing for great Britain 5 times here and out in France twice. Also winning a regional title and the Inter I national Pet Plan championships. Being selected as one of the 8 future elite to compete at HOYS.

9. Do you have any goals for this year?

To do my first Grand Prix and compete for GB again.

10.   Compete at big tour level.

11. What are your long term Equestrian goals?

I will be aiming all horses at regionals and premier leagues for Detonator and Sandonista.

12. What is the highest level you have competed to?   

Inter II

13. What is your favourite show?

Sommerford Premier league, well run, great arenas and facilities.

14. How did you get into horses?

My childhood dream, never wanted to do anything else!

15. How many horses do you currently have/ride?

3/4 to compete.

16. What is your favourite horse you've had or have?

In dressage Detonator, we have come up through the levels together, horse of a life time and eventing the same reasons Primitive Touch, still as cheeky as ever at 21.

17. Who do you admire in the Equestrian world?

Carl Hester who has done so much for dressage and my trainer Becky Moody who has inspired me and encouraged to get where I never dreamt I would!

18. What is your favourite Equestrian brand and why?

Albion, I just love the quality of their saddlery and even when Eventing used their saddles and bridles. For clothing Musto.

19. Name which product that you can't live without and why?

At the moment my Ariat thermal leather riding boots, my feet get so cold otherwise!!!

20. What is your life motto?

Be brave, work hard and push yourself out of your comfort zone...anything is possible!!!

21. Have you ever competed abroad and where?

France for Great Britain, first at Le Mann and then at Pompodour.