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Celebrating 21 years of Baileys Lo-Cal Balancer!

Millbry Hill are celebrating 21 years of Lo-Cal Balancer Since its initial launch in 1998, Baileys Lo-Cal Balancer is a fantastic balancer for good doers that need the essential nutrients without the added calories. It’s recipe essentially hasn’t changed a great deal since it’s conception, other than a few subtle developments such as added linseed to encourage supple skin and a shiny coat. Baileys Lo-Cal Balancer is proud to be a go to balancer for horses and ponies on a low calorie diet. To celebrate, they have teamed up with... Read More

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Julie Lawson & The Millbry Hill Baileys Evening

Julie Lawson prepares for a busy few weeks and makes a star appearance at the Millbry Hill Baileys Evening with her Stallion…Primitive Faerie Tale! So, we are off on our annual Somerford trip with thirty members of the Cleveland hunt pony club, it is going to be a busy couple of days! Charlie (Faerlie Similar) and the two Billy’s (Faerlie Tempting) and (Jubilee V) are coming along for the ride, to cross country school ahead of Richmond horse trails in two weeks time. Owen (Primitive Faerie Tale) has been left... Read More

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Understanding Laminitis…Facts & Myths!

Know the facts and the myths surrounding Laminitis… Laminitis…the word that strikes fear into the heart of horse owners! Along with the joys of Spring and the feeling of relief when you turn your horse out for summer and wave a fond goodbye to the daily grind, comes the impending doom of spring grass. Spring grass usually means two things… your horse turns into a fire breathing dragon, with the physique of a barrel. The word ‘Laminitis’ essentially describes damage or inflammation of the sensitive tissue in the hoof, referred... Read More

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Showing Tips & Tricks From Hannah Atkinson

Supported Rider, Hannah Atkinson, shares some tricks of the trade to get you prepared for Showing season! Having competed at HOYS 23 times with 10 different ponies and gaining qualification for HOYS 2019, Hannah Atkinson is regularly sporting red ribbons. When it comes to having ponies gleaming, Hannah is the expert! Whether you’re getting ready to strut your stuff with your Equine friend in the Show Ring, or hoping to turn heads in the Parade Ring, Hannah’s Showing guide should point you in the right direction. Preparation is key… When... Read More

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Top Of The Trot Ups: Badminton Fashion

Badminton bound this year? Check out our top Trot Up outfits! One of biggest events in the UK’s Equestrian calendar; Badminton Horse Trials boasts a rich history, dating back to 1949 when the first trials took place. Since then it has become a hive of Equestrian sporting success, seeing many top competitive riders make their name in the Eventing world. Aside from the exciting action on course, Badminton fashion is something of a competitive sport itself! Although the main focus of the Trot-Up is the physical inspection of the horse,... Read More

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Supported Rider: Melissa Chapman starts as she means to continue

Supported Rider Melissa Chapman enjoys an exciting start to 2019 Supported Rider Mel Chapman shares with us her 2019 story so far, and hopes that her success will continue in the months to come! The last three months have been rather good ones…and have paved the way for a very exciting start to 2019 With the weather very much on our side, we have been able to enjoy training (both at home and away) as well as being able to travel to competitions with relative ease and without worrying about... Read More