Melissa Chapman

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Julie Lawson & The Millbry Hill Baileys Evening

Julie Lawson prepares for a busy few weeks and makes a star appearance at the Millbry Hill Baileys Evening with her Stallion…Primitive Faerie Tale! So, we are off on our annual Somerford trip with thirty members of the Cleveland hunt pony club, it is going to be a busy couple of days! Charlie (Faerlie Similar) and the two Billy’s (Faerlie Tempting) and (Jubilee V) are coming along for the ride, to cross country school ahead of Richmond horse trails in two weeks time. Owen (Primitive Faerie Tale) has been left... Read More

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Supported Rider: Melissa Chapman starts as she means to continue

Supported Rider Melissa Chapman enjoys an exciting start to 2019 Supported Rider Mel Chapman shares with us her 2019 story so far, and hopes that her success will continue in the months to come! The last three months have been rather good ones…and have paved the way for a very exciting start to 2019 With the weather very much on our side, we have been able to enjoy training (both at home and away) as well as being able to travel to competitions with relative ease and without worrying about... Read More


Emotional Highs and Lows for Melissa Chapman

Millbry Hill, the country store, provides support to an elite group of horsemen and women. This section of the website is where the talented riders share their successes, their disappointments, and their everyday experiences from stable to eventing. They give us their opinions on latest products and provide tips to others who share their love of all things Equestrian. If I had been asked to predict what August 2016 would have looked like for Team Chapman Equestrian, I know that I would have failed miserably, says Melissa Chapman. We have... Read More