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Julie Lawson & The Millbry Hill Baileys Evening

Julie Lawson prepares for a busy few weeks and makes a star appearance at the Millbry Hill Baileys Evening with her Stallion…Primitive Faerie Tale! So, we are off on our annual Somerford trip with thirty members of the Cleveland hunt pony club, it is going to be a busy couple of days! Charlie (Faerlie Similar) and the two Billy’s (Faerlie Tempting) and (Jubilee V) are coming along for the ride, to cross country school ahead of Richmond horse trails in two weeks time. Owen (Primitive Faerie Tale) has been left... Read More

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Jessica Burnham Eventing: Hitting The Ground Running

It’s been great start to the Eventing Season for me and my new ride Duffy and I’m delighted to be working with Millbry Hill for another year! Our first run of the Eventing season started at Great Witchingham International in sunny Norfolk. I was slightly anxious for our first event as we had only trained on grass the once but I was itching to put mine and Duffy’s fairly new partnership to the test.  Great Witchingham is a lovely traditional event, the ground was perfect and the sun shined the... Read More

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National Careers Week: The Grit & Glam Of Eventing

Supported Rider, James Adams, tells us about the thrills and the spills of building a career in the Equestrian world Competing at three and four star level at the likes of Bramham, Blenheim, and Burghley Horse Trials, not to mention training with some of the most knowledgable individuals that the Equestrian world has to offer; living the dream right? Agreed. However, as they say, nothing worth doing is ever easy…and there is no substitute for hard work! Many of you reading will be surprised to hear that James Adams didn’t... Read More