Supported Riders

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An update from our supported rider Carla Shadlow …

July was a very busy month. I had no expectations of competing for Great Britain this year at all, I was just hoping to get back into the swing of things and doing more low key things until next year. But after our win at Somerford premier league, that completely turned things around and we were selected for Hartpury and Hickstead CDI in July!


Jessica Burnham is Frickley Park Bound!

Jessica Burnham heads to Frickley with the U18’s Northern Squad! Millbry Hill are thrilled that Brand Ambassador, Jessica Burnham, has been selected to compete at Frickley Park National U18 Championships at the end of the month as part of the U18’s Northern Region squad! We are proud to be sponsoring the event by providing the Northern Region team with some super smart branded and personalised jackets. A first of many kinds for our Brand Ambassador Jess Burnham…. So where do I start… Its been some 3 months since my last... Read More


Celebrating Racing Staff Week

Millbry Hill are celebrating Racing Staff Week Racing Staff Week, in association with Racing Welfare, aims to celebrate and bring to light all of the incredible hard working racing staff that work tirelessly behind the scenes of the racing industry. Racing staff are the unsung heroes of the racing world, and it’s paramount that we celebrate all that they do. From the Head Travelling Groom setting off at the crack of dawn, to the Groundstaff who are out on the track day in day out…we salute you! To work in... Read More

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Beat The Bugs: Top Fly Rugs & Sheets For Summer

Beat the bugs this Summer with our top rated Fly Rugs & Sheets Flies can be an absolute pain in Summer and can make your horses life a real misery. From nasty fly bites in the field to irritation caused when riding, if your horse gets particularly bothered by flies it’s essential that you protect them during the Summer months. With so many fly rugs and sheets to choose from, it can be an impossible task to pick the best rug for your horse…we’ve put together our top fly rugs and... Read More

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Tanya Buckingham: A Game Of Snakes And Ladders

“Eventing is a game of snakes and ladders” The Eventing season is now well and truly underway and we are currently building up to Bramham next week with candy (OBOS Impressive), having done a good test bar two silly blips and a great Show Jumping performance. Under the conditions, I decided to withdraw from the Cross Country at Chatsworth due to the ground conditions. It’s a hard call when you only have one horse at the level, but my main priority is to make sure I can keep her going... Read More


Show Sunday: Show Day Advice From Supported Riders

Tips from our Supported Riders on smooth sailing on Show Day You’ve practiced your Dressage test so many times you’ve made yourself dizzy with circles, you can see your own reflection in your riding boots after polishing them to within an inch of your life and you’re Equine friend is as spotlessly clean as polished silver…and breathe. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or new to the scene, if you’ve competed at any level you know the stress, overthinking and long hours of preparation that go into show day. Taking your... Read More

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Supported Riders Reveal The Best Summer Products & Fly Repellents

The Best Summer Products & Fly Repellents According To Our Supported Riders & Brand Ambassadors Year in year out Equestrians are presented with the same problem…flies! Seemingly due to a few hot Summers (which were not complaining about!), the presence of flies seems to be getting stronger each year and can be a huge irritation for horses. There are many different types of flies that can cause serious irritation for your horse, and some flies such as horse flies that often leave horses with painful bites. As well as being... Read More