Ariat Walking Boots 22/02/2019

These Boots Are Made For Walking!

Did you know that North Yorkshire is voted one of the most beautiful places to live? This perhaps explains the above average house prices…but it also means that there are many fabulous walks to follow which many travel far to enjoy, and we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep! On National Walk Your Dog Day, Millbry Hill would like to share with you some of the best walks that are near to each of our stores. As you probably already know, we love to see your dogs in... Read More

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Our Favourite Dog Walks – Easby Abbey

, Just a mile from our Richmond Store, the riverside walk from Easby Abby to Richmond Castle is popular both with locals and those travelling from further afield. This gentle route takes in two of our best historic landmarks, making it not only a pleasant dog walk, but can be a great family day out too. Covering just over a mile, this walk takes around 35 minutes to complete, and is one of our Richmond Store staff’s favourite strolls.

Labrador Gift Ideas 14/11/2017
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5 Gift Ideas for Labrador Lovers

Labradors are the nation’s favourite dog breed, and if you – or someone you love – loves this beautiful breed too, we have the perfect Labrador gift ideas this Christmas. Our home and gift range includes gorgeous and unique designs from both well recognised designers and some of our talented local artists too. We’ve selected our top five Labrador inspired gifts to get your Christmas gift search off to a great start.

Fireworks and your Animals – A guide to keeping your pet safe and happy 06/10/2017

Fireworks and your Animals – A guide to keeping your pet safe and happy

Bonfire night can be a stressful time for our pets. It is estimated that around 45% of dogs in the UK show signs of fear of fireworks. Animals have very acute hearing, and the loud bangs and whistles can even cause them actual pain in their ears. However there are things we can do as owners to help limit the fear and anxiety our animals may feel over this stressful time of year.


Looking forward to Crufts – the largest dog show in the world

Our four-legged founding father Millbry Hill Jones Esq has put pen to paper again and writes: “What a splendid time of year! Crufts is just around the corner and scores of my distant cousins from all four corners of the globe are preparing to take part in the world’s largest dog show. “I recall the time it began, started by a dear chap called Charles Cruft at the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington. “It was around 1878 when our paths first crossed – Cruft was a travelling salesman who was... Read More

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Park or palace – dog walks are happening in every corner of the UK

Dog walks take place in every corner of the UK, and this story just proves it! We just loved reading about the Queen secretly walking her gamekeeper’s dogs when he was too ill to take them out. It just goes to show that dog walking is for everyone, regardless of how old you are, where you live or the job you do. It’s one of the reasons we launched our Walkies for Weightloss campaign. Not only will it help you develop a great relationship with your dog, but it’s the... Read More


Dog health – how will walking for weightloss help an obese dog?

If your tickle-loving tummy is too large and your bottom wiggles when you wag your tail it could be the start of a string of dog health issues. Just the same as humans, dogs carrying extra pounds of weight are putting extra demands on virtually all the organs in their bodies. Not only is this uncomfortable but it increases the risk of disease.  Experts warn that the risks in overweight and obese dogs include: Diabetes Damage to joints and ligaments Heart disease and increased blood pressure Difficulty breathing Reduced stamina... Read More


Shed the pounds with Walkies for Weightloss

Overdone the treats at Christmas? Spent too much time in front of the TV? Starting to feel a bit like this chap? Then it’s time for you and your human to get involved in our Walkies for Weightloss. At Millbry Hill we know how easy it is to keep blaming it on puppy fat, but if you’re panting before you’ve reached the end of the road, or you’re ready for a sit down after a quick lap of the garden it’s time to take action and start walking for weightloss.... Read More