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Horslyx Garlic, Let’s help protect our horses 24/7!

We are coming to the time of year when flies are always a concern, however this year more than in the past as with visits limited to once a day in most cases, fly control can become an issue. This is even more of a worry for those whose horses are afflicted by sweet itch which is a horrible condition and distressing for both the horse and the owner in differing ways.

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Catterick Ladies Day

By Alice Haslam. Is there a better partnership to keep you warm this winter other than raw adrenaline and the excitement of jump racing, combined with the stunning creations that winter style can bring? Here at Millbry Hill, we are delighted to welcome you to Catterick Racecourse’s Countryside Ladies Day, where fashion meets thrills in the run up to the ultimate in both… Cheltenham Festival.