Dodson & Horrell….Not just horse feed!

When you think of Dodson & Horrell you’re perhaps more likely to think of horse feed than herbal products! As Europe’s leading horse feed manufacturer Dodson & Horrell lead the way with the innovative technologies and research that go into producing the finest ranges of feed for horses. In addition to feed, Dodson & Horrell also have a fantastic range of herbs for your equine. With a dedicated herb plant on the site in Northamptonshire the finest herbs are sourced and blended to provide a great range of products to... Read More


Horseware’s Guide to Choosing the Best Cooler Rug for Your Horse

There are many types of Cooler rugs available under the Horseware name, and several versions of each type. The Cooler This sheet is designed to be used after exercise or washing to encourage the drying process by wicking away moisture while keeping the horse comfortable and preventing him from getting a chill from cooling off too quickly or standing around wet.

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Point Two Air Jackets Now In Stock!!!

Millbry Hill has just taken delivery of the revolutionary Point Two Air Jackets and all the accessories to go with them. Whilst we all enjoy horse riding at what ever level we participate in, it is a sport that is not without risk and safety should be a first concern. The new Point Two Air Jackets really do maximise safety whether you’re competing at Grand Prix level or just hacking out. Convenience and ease of use, plus unbelievable protection really do put the new Air Jacket at the forefront of... Read More


Horseware’s Guide to Choosing the Best Fly Rug for Your Horse

There are many types of Fly rugs available under the Horseware name, and several versions of each type. The Fly Rug Nowadays, we are much more sensitive to our horse’s needs when turned out in any climate and conditions. With the coming of spring and summer, also come the fly and the midge! Not all horses are able to be turned out with friends who can stand head to tail to help each other swish away the pesky flies so we look for a product that doesn’t need to be... Read More

Global Herbs 02/06/2011

The Veterinary Based Herbal Service for Horses – Welcome to Global Herbs Ltd

Global Herb was founded in the 1990s by Stephen Ashdown, a vet who had been trained and employed in international livestock development and rural development planning in the developing world. Qualifying in 1984, Stephen had long been interested in the traditional use of plants to maintain health in animals and his first discussion about such issues started while working in practice in Southampton and the Hampshire countryside.  Here he discovered such practices as the use of ivy in cattle to expel the afterbirth more efficiently and the use of oak... Read More


Choose The Right Supplement For Your Horse!

When it comes to choosing a supplement for your horse it can be confusing particularly when you take a look at the wide range of formulas available. Here at Millbry Hill we endeavour to offer you choice.  However, below you will find some practical and valuable advice on how to make the most from your purchase, both for you and your horse…as we want to be sure your choice provides you with value for money and your horse with the best nutritional support for him… First of all identify exactly... Read More