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“Nationals here we come!” – Cara Shardlow, Supported Rider

It was a shaky start to the year with three horses injured – I really wasn’t sure that any of them would make it to regionals at the beginning of February.  However, by the skin of our teeth I managed to make it with all three of them! Sandonista and Mario Lanza were first on in the Novice Freestyle.  This was Mario’s first big competition and I was so pleased with how he coped; although he a little tense, he made no big mistakes and was placed 10th.  Sandonista was... Read More


Farewell 2016, Hello 2017 – Team Chapman Equestrian

Farewell 2016…Hello 2017 December was rather hectic for everyone involved with Team Chapman.  As the weather was unusually kind to us for most of the month, we were kept very busy with both the training and competing of our super horses. We had a ‘travel’ hiccup prior to our first trip out of the month.  My ever-reliable wagon decided to be ‘unreliable’ for the day, which caused us a bit of a headache!  We were, however, lucky enough to be able to enlist the help of a good friend (and... Read More

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Millbry Hill plays a key role in celebration of innovation at BETA International 2017

MILLBRY Hill retail director Serena Jones was one of those tasked with judging craftsmanship, design, technology and invention when a range of new products was put under the spotlight at the 2017 BETA International Innovation Awards. Serena was one of a team of industry experts to make up the judging panel, all handpicked for their equestrian experience. Winning products came from Musto, Trilanco, Stable & Barn, Keratex Hoofcare, Rockfish, Harry Hall, Cryochaps, Doggy Bag, Scruffs, Kask Spa, Ariat Europe, Neue Schule and Salamo. Serena said: “There are some amazing new... Read More

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Health mash – why buy Dodson & Horrell?

We asked our elite team of supported riders to review Dodson & Horrell Winter Health Mash and tell us what they think. Key features of the health mash, as highlighted by Dodson & Horrell: Contains a blend of oils to provide additional calories and promote a healthy, glossy coat Oat-grain and molasses free formulation Contains echinacea to support immune function and a blend of fennel and mint to support digestive function Cara Shardlow writes: When I was asked to try the winter health mash I was a little unsure about... Read More


Sam Arthur-Magennis enjoyed a busy month of training and competing

Dante (pictured left) had his last run of the season at Dalston Green (2), with his first attempt at the new BE105 level, says Sam Arthur-Magennis. He did a lovely test then we fell apart a bit in the SJ and XC. The plan with him now is to register him BD and play dressage pony over winter. If he’s good we might just stick at that! The latest arrival on the yard is Bella (pictured right) unfortunately grey (eek!!!) but has come to get some mileage under her belt... Read More

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Millbry Hill fashion show boosts Macmillan Cancer Support

STAFF and customers at Millbry Hill raised more than £2,400 for Macmillan Cancer Support after they joined forces to stage a fashion show. The event was the brainchild of Liz Jones, Marcia Sanderson and Christine Swiers. Liz is a member of the Jones’ family, owners of Millbry Hill, and Marcia and Christine were competitors in Ride of their Lives at Macmillan Race Day at York – the oldest and largest charity event of its kind in the UK. Race day features a full card of professional racing alongside charity lunches,... Read More


Body Condition Score in Horses

Body Condition Scoring Systems provide a useful way to objectively measure the body condition of the horse using a defined set of parameters.  Body Condition Scoring systems in horses use a grading system, typically between 0 – 5 or 1 -9, to measure fat cover across the horse, and specifically looking at the neck, shoulders, ribs and rump to assess the horse’s overall condition.

The Horse Rider Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to turn your attention to your horse rider loved ones. As far as gift buying goes horse lovers are an easy bunch to buy for, and as one of the North East’s biggest equestrian supplies retailers, we certainly know what’s guaranteed to please this Christmas.


Which Bedding is Best?

Winter is fast approaching and as the weather turns many horses will spend more time indoors. With the change in weather and routine comes the decision on how to best bed down your horse while he is stabled. But with such a wide choice of bedding materials available, it can be difficult to know which option to go for.  We take a look at the most popular bedding options for horses…

Horses at grass 11/03/2015
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Feeding for Laminitics

Laminitis is an extremely painful condition affecting the sensitive laminae of the horse’s hoof. The laminae are soft tissue structures which attach the pedal bone to the hoof wall. In cases of laminitis, these tissues become inflamed resulting in the laminae being unable to support the pedal bone, which can eventually rotate within the hoof capsule, leading to permanent damage of the foot.