Millbry Hill celebrates Joules 30th Anniversary!

As Joules is one of the biggest names in country and equestrian fashion and certainly one of our favourite brands, we’ve thought our fabulous customers would appreciate a look back to where it all began…

The Joules story began in 1989 when Tom Joule started selling his clothing on a stand at a country show in Leicestershire.

Tom knew most of his customers very well, a lot of them by name. He noticed that some of his customers clothing was practical but lacked a stylish edge. He wanted his customers to have quality clothing that wasn’t only practical, but was also colourful and designed to last.

Living the life that their customers were living, Tom and his team were constantly overflowing with ideas and inspirations. They took it upon themselves to redesign British clothing by adding their unique Joules twist. The Joules twist we speak of is what many of you will know as their quirky mismatched buttons, printed lining and colourful patterns under collars.

Joules quickly took off. Customers realised that this beautiful brand created clothing that was perfect for all occasions and for everyone. Whether you live in the countryside or the beach … there was a classic design waiting for you.

However, disaster struck for the company in 2001 with the outbreak of the Foot and Mouth Disease. This unfortunate event meant that every rural country show and event needed to be cancelled. With all of the shows cancelled, Tom and the team had a mass of stock left that they couldn’t sell.

But Tom and his team didn’t let this stop them. Bursting with an entrepreneurial spirit, they loaded up their cars and drove around Britain. This business venture was far more successful then the team could have ever imagined. They gained a whole new wholesale customer base and left people wanting more.

The following year when they could start attending country and equestrian shows again, Tom built a database that was full of loyal customers and started a very basic mail ordering system. Soon after this, Joules opened a store in Market Harborough, where it all started.

With business booming, The Joules website was created. As business started to grow, so did the team. More and more shops started to appear in market, country and coastal towns. Joules started to appear in John Lewis and Harrods, and before they knew it they had even outgrown their original warehouse and had to move to a larger premises.

Joules soon gained a large audience in North America and in Germany. They had gone global, leading to dedicated website to be built to meet the demand. They also started new lines such as children’s clothing and homeware and gifts.

To this day Joules have never been as proud of the empire they have built. They have stayed true to their roots and their initial goal. They also have never left the lovely little market town of Market Harborough where it all began. Tom Joule is now the Chief Brand Officer that has a team of passionate and hardworking staff with the same enthusiasm as back in 1989 where they all started …

To honor Joules on their 30th Anniversary, we have teamed up with them for an amazing give away. For more information, visit our facebook page:

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