An update from our Supported Rider Tanya Buckingham …

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, unfortunately I managed to get a virus 6 weeks ago and it has made me dizzy and have chronic fatigue. Not great when you want to ride and compete!

Having fallen off at Aston advanced between jumps, I decided it wasn’t really that sensible to carry on Eventing while I was ill so the horses have all been having a bit of an easy time. They are all still in work and I have to say rather bored of not jumping or competing but they are all well. Hopefully I will be back in action soon!

It’s great to see the other Millbry Hill riders have been out and about and doing well and Millbry Hill have had loads of new products and clothing advertised on Facebook … so make sure you go and check out all the new stock! In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the fab hacking around the estate and hope to be able to send a more interesting update soon.

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