Millbry Hill meets Carl Hester for the Saracen Feeding the Performance Horse Day

A few members of the Millbry Hill team have been fortunate enough to attend the Saracen “Feeding the Performance Horse Day” at Carl Hester’s yard, and we thought it would be great to have a catch up with them to find out what it was all about…!

Steph from our Whitby Store

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Saracen Feeding the Performance Horse day. We were made to feel very welcome at a lovely venue from the get go. Being able to visit Carl Hester’s yard was fantastic! The fact that we got to see Charlotte Dujardin schooling up and coming youngsters and meet Valegro was such an unexpected and valuable bonus. Carl was full of behind the scenes knowledge and the information on managing and training some of the top GB dressage horses was great to hear. He was friendly and welcoming, and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the yard and meeting people (and horses!) most fans don’t get the chance to meet!

The talk on feeding the performance horse on the morning from Saracen was very informative, and this was hugely complimented by our talk from Alan Davies. He gave me and others an invaluable insight into the logistics behind travelling the performance horses around the world, and his passion for the horses was clear and infectious.

I think we could have all sat and listened to him and his tales of Valegro, Nip Tuck and Freestyle for hours, it was lovely to learn of their quirks and issues they face with feeding and hydration when travelling. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, huge thank you for Saracen for inviting us to attend, Millbry Hill for giving us such a great experience through our job, and to Carl Hester and his team for being so welcoming and letting us see a glimpse behind the scenes of top level dressage life!

Mandy from our Sutton Store

It was a really great day! To see the experts working the horses to a standard I could only dream of.

There was lots of information from Lizzie Drury (Senior Nutritionist at Saracen Horse Feeds) on feeding and maintaining a sport horse, finishing with a fun Q & A from Alan Davis.

Huge thanks to Sarah and Saracen feeds for organising such a treat!

Delwyn from our Stokesley Store

The Carl Hester Day was amazing! Watching Charlotte Dujardin make riding look effortless was mind blowing, she can do what other people dream of.

It was great listening to Lizzie Drury about all the benefits of Saracen horse feeds and Alan Davies explaining how he copes with the feeding regime of all his competition horses from youngsters to the highest level of competing. Alan Davies also talked about the amount of exercise and travelling they are doing with their horses and how they tweek their feed accordingly with the different varieties of feed that Saracen do.

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