A Global Herbs ‘FlyFree’ Exclusive …

Feeding a fly deterrent like FlyFree can be one of the best things you can do for your horse especially when fly problems become distressing or even worse, debilitating.

At Global Herbs we focus on cedar as an important plant to help deter flies-for many years a special combination of cedar wood and other trees parts has been used to help with insects-the cedar we use is a key part of such products as FlyFree, Skratch and our amazing topical product Itch and Bite cream. Not only will the coat gleam and condition improve with the addition of turmeric herbs but your horse will also be chemical free and natural.

Non- natural, chemical sprays and washes gradually build up on the horses skin if not rinsed regularly. Horse owners need to be mindful of this, if they have horses who have a tendency to groom one another frequently.

FlyFree is ideal in the warmer months as it lasts all day, covers all parts of the body and makes a huge difference. It is a very safe and non- chemical based product that will make your horse look and feel great, as well as helping reduce levels of stress caused by flies. A long lasting, pure, natural and no mess approach.

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