Celebrating 21 years of Baileys Lo-Cal Balancer!

Millbry Hill are celebrating 21 years of Lo-Cal Balancer

Since its initial launch in 1998, Baileys Lo-Cal Balancer is a fantastic balancer for good doers that need the essential nutrients without the added calories.

It’s recipe essentially hasn’t changed a great deal since it’s conception, other than a few subtle developments such as added linseed to encourage supple skin and a shiny coat.

Baileys Lo-Cal Balancer is proud to be a go to balancer for horses and ponies on a low calorie diet. To celebrate, they have teamed up with Horseware to give away 21 fantastic prizes in bags of Lo-Cal Balancer!

In case you were wondering who the handsome star of the show is on the new bag…

“Have you seen our new Lo-Cal Balancer sack and wondered who the cover star is? Mr Tom is a 15-year-old traditional cob gelding standing at 13.3 hands, owned by 76-year-old Margaret Taylor for the past 6 years and is kept with her daughter, Linda.

When he first arrived, Margaret found Tom a bit fat and lazy so, when Linda was at a training camp, that summer, she spoke to the Baileys Feed Advisor in attendance, who recommended Lo-Cal Balancer for Mr Tom. The difference it made to Mr Tom was just what Margaret was looking for; he changed shape, as he lost flab and gained muscle, and felt much more enthusiastic about work, without being silly. He has been on Lo-Cal balancer ever since!”

Look out for some amazing prizes being given away in collaboration with Horseware, found in bags of Baileys Lo-Cal Balancer.

What’s more, every bag of Lo-Cal includes a prize card which offers £2 off your next purchase of Lo-Cal Balancer, so everyone is a winner!

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