Supported Rider Cara Shardlow: Detonator Back With A Bang

Supported Rider Cara Shardlow and Detonator Back In Action!

Millbry Hill Supported Rider, Cara Shardlow, is looking ahead to a promising year after her recent return to the circuit.

It’s fantastic to see Cara, who was also a 2018 Supported Rider, enjoying some well earned success after months out of action. What’s more, her star horse Detonator made an impressive competition debut after a year out of competing.

Detonator finally had his first trip out in over year after training with Becky Moddy at York. I can’t tell you how much I have missed being out on him and he went really well!

It’s nice just to go back to basics sometimes; it’s easy to get focused on the difficult moves when actually if you get the basics really good its amazing how much easier the rest falls into place.

The proof was in getting out and competing him, I had hoped to get to Keysoe Premier League but unfortunately finances stopped this and in a way it was just nice to head somewhere more local for our first outing. He felt brilliant although I was a bit nervous riding the PSG and Inter 1 movements having had such a long break but he was so well behaved, I think he is finally growing up!! I was so pleased when we got our scores both over 67% which we were struggling to get anywhere near before our injuries! We are hopefully aiming at Somerford Premier league in May.

(Cara and Detonator pictured competing above)

Sandonista has very nearly got all his points for Medium Regionals and not far off the Advanced Medium as well, he has now won every test he has done this year and again feels good and is strengthening up. He looks amazing at the moment, his summer coat is coming through really well and he is starting to muscle out again and look stronger.

(Cara and Sandonista pictured competing above)

My young horse Tango again is only a few points off regional qualification at Novice level, he had a win last time out at Snainton after a rather unusually spooky first test…I thing he was feeling the spring grass!!!

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