Julie Lawson & The Millbry Hill Baileys Evening

Julie Lawson prepares for a busy few weeks and makes a star appearance at the Millbry Hill Baileys Evening with her Stallion…Primitive Faerie Tale!

So, we are off on our annual Somerford trip with thirty members of the Cleveland hunt pony club, it is going to be a busy couple of days!

Charlie (Faerlie Similar) and the two Billy’s (Faerlie Tempting) and (Jubilee V) are coming along for the ride, to cross country school ahead of Richmond horse trails in two weeks time. Owen (Primitive Faerie Tale) has been left at home, much to his disappointment, due to a new influx of mares coming in this weekend. However, he gets to go to a party on Wednesday when we are doing a demonstration at Northallerton equestrian Centre for Millbry Hill and Baileys Horse Feeds, which he could be very excited for!!

All in all the sun is shining and all of the hard work put in over winter is paying off! Let the fun begin!

The horses were the stars of the show at the Millbry Hill Baileys Evening in April!

Our first evening in collaboration with Baileys Horse Feeds was a huge success!

The horses and riders all brought their A-game, and Angela from Baileys did a fantastic job of being compere on the night and making sure that the audience and the riders had a fun and informative night…we certainly learned a lot too.

We were lucky to have a good turnout for the night, as spectators took up the length of the arena and gave the horses a crowd. Supported Rider, Melissa Chapman,  got the evening off to an incredibly strong start, bringing along a youngster as well as one of her more experienced horses, demonstrating to the audience the difference in training between the two as she floated around the arena.

Next up was Charlie Dennis, who also put on a great performance with her much loved horse Ping who was full of character and talent! Charlie unfortunately suffered an injury recently, she is hoping to be fighting fit soon but her mum took the reins this time around, gracefully steering a rather fresh Ping around some impressive fences.

Angela shared her feeding knowledge with us throughout the evening, explaining what each horse was fed and why in accordance with their demands. Supported Rider Julie Lawson and Primitive Faerie Tale took the stage next; you could see that Julie was bursting with pride as her handsome home-bred stallion strutted his stuff and Angela narrated his impressive CV and explained what exactly he is fed on to keep him in such enviable condition at 20 years young!

We were in for a treat last but not least as Bailey’s rider Emma Chapman and her dreamy palomino made an entrance…we were all in complete awe of Emma’s sequin-clad ensemble! By the end of her demonstration we were all ready to let out a ‘yee-ha’ and swap hacking out for barrel racing…maybe after a few lessons from Emma that is.

Look out for more events coming up on the Millbry Hill Facebook page, as we look forward to future collaborations over the next months!

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