Get it right this Valentines!

Gifts for her…(and him) this Valentines!

So we’ve completed Christmas, and New Year, and now we face the best celebration of all – Valentine’s Day…(or not). But, whether you’re left feeling lucky and loved, or queasy and qualmish it’s a day in the diary that you’re expected to get involved in. Right??

Is a card enough? Roses, chocolates…who knows. With one wrong move you’ve ruined the whole day! We’ve decided to help make this Valentine’s Day one step easier by hand selecting what we believe will go down like a house on fire.

‘Roses are red, violets are blue, puppies are cute…but not as cute as you’.

You could go down this route, a cute card presented with a sweet smile. You wouldn’t win the effort prize, but at least you didn’t forget?!

Next up we have the trusty oven glove, in a rather fitting colour…

This gorgeous Joules glove combines a practical present with the much wanted romantic twist.

And ladies have no fear, this is not a present directed for you, in fact it’s the perfect gift for your partner that says the same amount of ‘I love you’ as ‘you’re cooking tonight dear’.

If the good books are somewhere you’d like to call home, then this is your answer.

With multiple uses this hammered silver bowl is a winner winner chicken dinner.

Attractive, stylish and appropriately shaped, not forgetting the pleasing price, teamed with a card you can forget the expensive meal for two.

Aesthetically pleasing one could argue it is only for the ladies. But girls you’re wrong! Gift this to the boys to put their cufflinks in, and you don’t have to stare at some grungy cufflink box anymore in the bedroom. Also known as a win – win!

Pink to make the boys wink!

Take a stride of pride in the shooting field with these pretty in pink Schoffel socks, combined with Pennine pure wool garter for the boys.

Catch the attention of others and match this season.

Need a holiday? Same.

The Joules Dora Fedora Sun hat is the perfect piece to take with you, and what’s more exciting to start holiday shopping approximately 5 months early?!

Boys take note…this is a goodie!

50 Shades of… yep I think you’re following my theme here.

Clare Shaw, renowned for her quality silks and classic designs. This silk tie shouts out professionalism with just the right amount of fun.

From the office to the outdoors this tie fits and sits with all outfits for all occasions!

Aimed for the boys, these cartridge coasters are certainly going to go down well.

Sleek, shiny and stylish, even the girls can cope with these!

They’re slimming, they’re stretching and they’re super warm! Wear it under or over others, you just have to love them.

Designed in this gorgeous bright berry pink it compliments all tones and puts a smile on anybody’s face!

A serious contestant.

Anyway, that’s enough from us…we hope you have enjoyed our favourite Valentines gift ideas, and wish you a day full of love and happiness (and good presents)! 

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