Happy New Year from Cara…

Happy New Year, sorry I have not really had anything to write in my blogs recently but here is my December one!

So after a very quite few months recovering from breaking my shoulder and having it bolted back together in August I’m finally back riding!!

Iv had to take things very slowly and for once Iv done it by the book, because if not I really would have ended up with more problems which would effect me long term. As it is I’ll never fully get it back to how it was, but my surgeon is thrilled with how much movement I have got back for this stage post op! I’m having hydrotherapy at James Cook Hospital Middlesbrough two afternoons a week and do three lots of physio sessions at home every day, it’s quite full on but I’m determined to get as much use as possible back.

I have enough strength back now to start some very small schooling sessions, the first one I did was New Year’s Eve with Detonator who has also been recovering from injury, I was so emotional as it had been 9 months since he was last schooled and 6 for me, the longest I have ever not ridden for!!

All the boys have been ticking over mainly walking out so we all need to take it steady to gain back our fitness.
If all goes well I’m hoping to be back out competing early Spring, but it may even be earlier.

Cara Sharlow

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