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Global Herb was founded in the 1990s by Stephen Ashdown, a vet who had been trained and employed in international livestock development and rural development planning in the developing world. Qualifying in 1984, Stephen had long been interested in the traditional use of plants to maintain health in animals and his first discussion about such issues started while working in practice in Southampton and the Hampshire countryside.  Here he discovered such practices as the use of ivy in cattle to expel the afterbirth more efficiently and the use of oak leaves to help with loose stools in sheep.

Stephen Ashdown MRCVS  - Global Herbs

Stephen Ashdown MRCVS, founder of Global Herbs

Later whilst working in Africa Stephen carried out research on the way that people in Sudan and Darfur used plants to keep themselves healthy.  This work was published in the proceedings of the first Ethnoveterinary Conference in Pune near Mumbai.  Interestingly some of the main plants identified in this research are now some of the key plants used by Global Herbs in rigorously researched and highly developed traditional products such as StrongBone and SupaHOOF.

Global Herbs was founded by Stephen directly on his return to the UK from the tropics.  Global Herbs sourced traditional ideas based on Stephen’s research projects and started marketing products for horses, dogs, cats and people.  Some inroads were also made into agricultural ideas useful for poultry, sheep and cattle.  Global Herbs has developed into a primarily equine business with  matching strong ranges of Global Herbs products for dogs, cats, agricultural animals and even people.

Global Herbs Supahoof

Global Herbs products use traditional herbal remedies which have been rigorously tested for effectiveness and reliability.

The strength of Global Herbs products and ideas lies in strong scientific background to product development and research.  All products have been rigorously studied for safety and efficacy using latest techniques in colorimetry and spectrophotometer both in the UK and at source in the tropics.  This ensures not only safety but that the right plants are used every time and with exactly the right phytochemical make-up.  There is always a great variation in quality of the same plant material dependent on the soil that it is grown in and the climactic conditions.  If inferior plants are used the resulting products can be too weak to be of use.  Safety is of course also of utmost importance in order to detect any contamination and eliminate problems long before a final product is offered for sale.

After 13 years in business, Global Herbs is now leading the way in Equine and Canine supplements based in West Sussex UK and has a team of nearly 25 staff working to provide the UK with the best possible nutritional approaches to maintain good normal health and well being in the Equine population.

Global Herb’s vision is to promote effectively the important role herbs and nutrition have as an essential support and complement to the established veterinary industry.  The company also has a poverty alleviation focus knowing that modern herbal services can be of inestimable value to people who will never be able to afford normal health care for themselves or their animals.

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