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New Years Resolutions for two of our Supported Riders!

As we find ourselves in 2019 (how), we all aspire to become the better version of ourselves. Whether that be to eat less chocolate, become more active, or simply concentrate on what we enjoy…whatever it may be it’s a blank piece of paper with endless opportunity. As everyone has their own goals and expectations we decided to ask two of our Supported Riders; Tanya Buckingham and Jess Burnham what theirs were! If you haven’t yet met these two very talented riders, here’s a little background on their success so far…... Read More


Katy’s Events & Tributes…

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of updates over the last few months, but as I will explain it’s not been easy. (Although ironic saying this whilst writing a blog) I am actually quite a private person! So lets start right at the beginning….

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Mud Fever

Mud Fever – an infection, an inflammation, or just a pain?! For many, the winter means one thing, a constant battle with mud fever…   What is Mud Fever?   Mud fever, or Pastern Dermatitis as it is properly referred to, is a combination of scabs found on the pastern and lower leg area of a horse. It can also be found on the horses back, known as rain scald, and on the belly.  It is an infection that is formed when the leg or body part is exposed to... Read More

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What to wear at the Races – National Hunt Season

  As we now find ourselves in the midst of October, there is no debate that our long hot summer has come to an end. However, it is not all doom and gloom. This change means only one thing; the start of the Jump Season. National Hunt has a monumental following, this including horse racing fans, horse racing punters, and those looking for a good day out. But, whatever the reason may be, and which ever category you fall into, one question remains the same…What to wear?’