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Top Life Dog Milk - 200ml
Top Life Dog Milk - 200ml

TopLife Formula Top Life Dog Milk - 200ml (Size: Each)

  • Tasty and Nutritious
  • Highly Digestible Goats Milk
  • Formulated To Boost a Dogs Immune System
  • Contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin to Strengthen a Dogs Bones
TopLife Formula
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Sorry, this product is currently unavailable. Please call us on 0800 652 0432 or send us an email for more infomation on future availability. Alternatively take a look at our other products in the Dog Treats category.
Additional Product Information

It's well known that dogs like drinking milk, but normal cow milk isn't healthy for them and can set off allergic reactions, and generally upset their stomachs. That is why TopLife have produced their own brand of milk, specifically designed to be drank by dogs, of goats milk, enriched with Glucosamine and Chondroitin amongst other ingredients. These are designed to provide dogs with support in keeping their bones strong and healthy, by giving them natural chemicals that a lot of the time, their bodies just don't produce enough of to stay constantly strong. As far as flavour goes, the milk is flavoured with tiny amounts of beef flavouring, which any dog will happily lap up. Your dog deserves only the best!

Brand Profile

Top breeders had long been using goats' milk as an important part of their dogs' diets thanks to its digestibility and nutritional content. So with TopLife together with a leading vet, TopLife Formula Dog Milk was developed, with the unique blend of supplements.

 TopLife Formula Dog Milk was an immediate success, not just with breeders, but with countless dog owners who wanted a healthy and nutritious treat for their family pet. So it seemed only natural to create a formula for puppies, and one for kittens too. The launch of TopLife Formula Cat Milk shortly followed, giving a great range of milks for your pets.

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