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Burgess Country Value Fruity Nuggets-Rabbits
Burgess Country Value Fruity Nuggets-Rabbits

Burgess Country Value Fruity Nuggets-Rabbits

  • Fruity Fibre nuggets
  • Prebiotics for healthy digestion
  • Natural antioxidants to support the immune system
  • Vitamins and minerals for all
  • round health
  • Delicious fruit flavours
  • Fun colours and shapes


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Sorry, this product is currently unavailable. Please call us on 0800 652 0432 or send us an email for more infomation on future availability. Alternatively take a look at our other products in the Rabbit Food category.
Additional Product Information

 Fruity Fibre Nuggets is a delicious complementary food for rabbits that is rich in fibre for healthy digestion. Every nugget contains a delicious mix of fibre, vitamins, minerals and lifelong goodness. These nuggets prevent the picky, selective feeding which can cause rabbits serious health problems. Rabbits need to eat Fruity Fibre Nuggets as they contain prebiotics, vitamins and minerals which they cannot get from Timothy hay and Healthy Snacks alone. Fruity Fibre Nuggets help to maintain healthy digestion and a happy tummy.

Ingredients; Wheat, Oat Bran, Grass, Soya Hulls, Lucerne, Wheat Bran, Molasses, Yeast, Soya Oil, Yeast, Mint, Monocalcium Phosphate, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, (Prebiotic) Fructo-oligosaccharides (0.25%), Minerals

Brand Profile

Burgess pet foods are recommended by owners, vets and pets!

Like any animal lover, Burgess know how important it is to ensure the health of your pets. Burgess develop and produce top quality foods which provide all the nourishment your pets need to remain in tiptop condition. So whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or another small animal, Burgess know about their nutritional needs and how choosing the right food can make all the difference.

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