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HorseHage is a fantastic supplier of horse feed and has been recognised within the equestrian market as one of the best horse feeds to this day. Founder, Mark Westaway, initially came up with the idea of starting a Company which produced horse feed when he became concerned about the persistency of coughing from his event horses. After doing some research and consulting his veterinary surgeon, they concluded that this was caused by the dust within the hay he was providing.

When this problem arose it caused Mark to have the motivation to come up with a solution in order to provide his horses with a healthy source of feed and hay. His main aim was to research, design and manufacture a horse feed which did not include the dust in the current horse feeds on the market and this is where the idea for HorseHage came alive.

After a lot of research and testing of feeds, Mark Westaway eventually came up with a design of horse feed which was dust free! Originally, he created a horse feed named Ryegrass HorseHage which has later been joined with High Fibre HorseHage, Timothy HorseHage and Alfalfa HorseHage. This revolutionary turn within the equestrian market inspired many other manufacturers to create a similar product for horses suffering from respiratory problems.

Amazingly, after the Queen’s horse, Burmese was suffering from a respiratory problem it was then fed dust free HorseHage which helped this issue. From this, a Royal Warrant was awarded to the HorseHage brand in 1983 which only intensified the recognition the brand was getting from fellow equestrian riders. The brand has grown in popularity and has supplied to the British Equestrian Teams at every Olympic Game since the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 up until Beijing 2008 and no doubt HorseHage will continue supplying.

Due to such a fantastic turnover for the brand, they are now recognised by millions for supplying high standard horse feed. HorseHage horse feed is available in a variety of types so you can find the ideal feed to suit your horse’s needs from Millbry Hill at affordable prices. We are always updating our stock so do not hesitate to check back for updates within our HorseHage horse feed range or view what else we have to offer in our horse feed collection.