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NAF Devil's Relief - Horse Supplements
NAF Devil's Relief - Horse Supplements

NAF Devil's Relief - Horse Supplements

  • Promotes circulation
  • Does not contain phenylbutazone
  • Used for bumps, knocks, bruises and strains
  • Tones and stimulates the digestive system
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Additional Product Information

NAF Devil's Relief is to promote circulation essential in worn or suspect areas.Over recent years the use of herbal supplements for horses has become more and more popular. Increasingly riders and trainers are turning away from purely pharmacological preparations and towards nature. NAF Devil's Relief, does not contain phenylbutazone, but is a combination of liquid herbal extracts and tinctures.

It is based on Devil's Claw, a herb native to Africa, but also contains Cayenne, anessential anti-oxidant. Suitable for skeletal and joint integrity, Devil's Relief is used for bumps, knocks, bruises and strains.

The strongly bitter action of NAF Devil's Relief means it can also tone and stimulate the digestive system. As many conditions are associated with poor digestion and absorption NAF Devil's Relief may be of particular use in nutritionally supporting suppleness in the older horse.~
NAF Devil's Relief is recommended for all class of animals, except pregnant mares, as one reported case may well have acted as a uterine muscle stimulant.
These nutritional ingredients are known to support healthy circulation. Poor circulation, which occurs whenever there is an inflammatory condition, can reduce joint flexibility and freedom of movement. The strongly bitter action of this formulation stimulates and tones the digestive system.
Stiffness in the older horse can be associated with poor digestion and absorption of specific feed ingredients essential for optimal joint health.

Brand Profile

NAF (Natural Animal Feeds) is a great choice for those looking for high quality food for their animals. Here at Millbry Hill we offer a selection of superb feed, including a range from the NAF brand. Feed your pets the best with our Natural Animal Feeds from Millbry Hill. The brand produces feed that can be used with horses and canines. NAF features a selection of nutritional elements which will allow your animal to enjoy a healthy meal.

Our NAF equine range offers support for horse’s joints, hooves, skin, digestion, behaviour and respiratory health. You will find that important vitamins and minerals are included in all of the NAF food products found on our store. If you want to give your horse the very best when it comes to food, choose NAF. Our NAF canine range is also great for pet dogs. If you are looking for a wholesome feed for your pooch, then Natural Animal Feeds is the ideal choice.

Here at Millbry Hill we continue to offer the very best for your pets. If you are looking for a feed that offers vital vitamins and minerals, then NAF is the perfect choice. We offer a collection of products from this brand on our store for you to choose for your animal.

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