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We have an extensive collection of horse supplements available for you to buy online here at Millbry Hill. There are many different reasons that your horse would need equine supplements so be sure to purchase the correct ones for the needs of your horse. Just like us, horses need supplements for their general well-being, and here we have everything you could possibly need.

Whether you are looking to purchase a supplement for your horse to target a specific problem or area of concern or you just want to take care of their general health, then there are plenty of options to choose from. Depending on your horses conditions it is imperative that you realise which horse supplements you would need to be for the correct cause.

There are specific needs for every range of equine supplements such as:

  • Calming Supplements - useful for keeping the horse calm when it comes to competitions and horse shows as they can sometimes get extremely energetic. Calmers can help reduce stress and enable your horse to concentrate, helping keep him calm and focused and able to perform to his best ability.
  • Competition & Performance Supplements - together with a fitness & training regimes, Competition & Performance Supplements can be used before a competition in order to increase your horse's speed, strength and stamina without affecting their health. Supplements such as electrolytes can also help your horse recover more quickly after strenuous exercise, restoring nutrients etc lost during competition.
  • Digestion Supplements - used to help your horse better utilise feed, ensuring your horse absorbs all the nutrients that he needs. Some digestion supplements are also used to target specific digestive complaints, such as gastric ulcers.
  • Garlics, Herbs and Oils - used to naturally promote general health and well-being for your horse.
  • Hoof Supplements - can be very beneficial if your horse has poor quality horn growth to protect against cracked brittle hooves. Hoof supplements are also beneficial for barefoot horses that generally require even greater hoof quality than shod horses. Again there are also equine supplements to help with specific conditions, such as Laminitis.
  • Joints & Mobility Supplements - used for wear and tear to horse's joints which occur naturally with age and are also ideal for use to combat the extra stresses undergone by the joints of competition and performance horses.
  • Respiratory & Breathing Supplements - beneficial for horses with respiratory problems (such as COPD and RAO), Respiratory & Breathing Supplements are also beneficial for the stabled horse that is exposed to elevated dust levels. They can also be used to target season problems such as pollen allergies.
  • Skin Care Supplements - used to target a range of problems, such as prevent itching and control to mud fever, skin care supplements can also improve the horse coat conditions.
  • General Health Supplements - used for the horse's general health. General purpose equine supplements can be useful to supplement your horse's nutrition if he is not getting the recommended levels of concentrate feed due to weight concerns, etc.
  • Horse Treats - healthy treats for your horse.

Horse supplements are very important in order to improve health and performance and we could not possibly list all of the equine supplements we have in stock so do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what you need. View our calming supplements and hoof supplements online for affordable prices today.