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Happy Mouth Jointed Hanging Cheek Horse Bits
Happy Mouth Jointed Hanging Cheek Horse Bits

Happy Mouth Jointed Hanging Cheek Horse Bits

  • Apple Flavour Plastic Covering
  • Single Jointed Mouthpiece
  • Hanging Cheek/Filet Baucher
  • Uses Mild Poll Pressure
  • Encourages Lowering of the Head
Happy Mouth
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Sorry, this product is currently unavailable. Please call us on 0800 652 0432 or send us an email for more infomation on future availability. Alternatively take a look at our other products in the Horse Bits category.
Additional Product Information

 The Hanging Cheek, also known as the Filet Baucher,  uses pressure on the poll which encourages the horse to lower the head and come on to the bit making the Happy Mouth Jointed Hanging Cheek Bit especially useful for horses that have a high head carriage. This is also a fixed cheek bit, which may be useful for horses that are unsure of the bit, as it does not move around too much in the mouth. The Happy Mouth Jointed Hanging Cheek Bit may prove a suitable alternative to a snaffle, for children riding ponies that need an extra bit of help to stop, or horses that are slightly too strong in a snaffle.

The single joint mouthpiece works by putting pressure on the sides of the tongue, on the lips and on the bars due to the nutcracker action. The single joint can however sometimes have a head raising action and may not be suitable for horses with large tongues due to the shape of the mouthpiece.

Happy Mouth Bits are made from a quality stainless steel and are coated with a flexible, non-toxic apple flavoured plastic which can increase acceptance of the bit in some horses.

Please note - Happy Mouth bits are not chew resistant

Brand Profile

Happy Mouth horse bits are highly acclaimed across the equestrian industry for their innovative and unprecedented designs. The brand was founded by 'Soyo' in Japan and continues to have a huge effect on the purchasing of horse bits in the equestrian world. These horse bits from Happy Mouth are fantastic quality and are a revolution for the manufacturing of bits.

These horse bits are unlike any other bits that you see on the equestrian market and a lot of horses find them more comfortable. They are made from quality stainless steel and are coated with flexible, non-toxic apple flavoured plastic which tends to be warmer and softer in the horse’s mouth. This ensures maximum comfort.

Many horses prefer Happy Mouth horse bits to any other as they feel more comfortable and are a fantastic substitute for horses and ponies who cannot have metal bits. Millbry Hill supplies you with a great collection of Happy Mouth horse bits to enable you to choose the ideal one for both you and your horse. We have products available for all your equestrian requirements whether it is braking, steering or simply more comfort.

We have a range of shapes, types and sizes available online allowing you to purchase the correct one for you and your horse and they are all sold at affordable prices. If you have a horse which is very sensitive then these Happy Mouth horse bits are a fantastic investment and can contribute to your relationship thus making them healthy and happier. You could also browse alternative types and brands we have for sale in our horse bits collection.

We are always updating our stock here at Millbry Hill so do not hesitate to check back on our range of Happy Horse horse bits. Alternatively, you can give us a call as we do not stock everything online and we could possibly have what you need in one of our stores.

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