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Readigrass 15kg - Horse Feed
Readigrass 15kg - Horse Feed

Readigrass 15kg - Horse Feed (Size: 15 kg)

Readigrass 15kg - Horse Feed (Size: 15 kg)

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Friendship Estates Readigrass 15kg - Horse Feed (Size: 15 kg)

  • 100% Natural Feed
  • High Nutrient Value
  • With All the Goodness of Rye-grass
  • Made From British Pastures
  • Highly Digestible Fibre
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15 kg
Additional Product Information

ReadiGrass is a 100% natural feed, with all the goodness of ryegrass pastures captured in every bag. Made exclusively from British pastures, the unique low-temperature drying process removes the water, but leaves the fragrant grass aroma, vibrant colour and most importantly the high nutrient value of fresh grass. This gives a feed that is more nutritious than hay yet still contains the digestible fibre essential for every horse's health.

ReadiGrass can be fed for a variety of reasons including;

  • Horses with limited access to fresh pastures
  • For horses with poor dentition and an inability to chew long stem fibres
  • To prevent weight loss when horse comes in from summer grazing to winter stabling
  • To avoid dust allergies caused by storage moulds in hay
  • To supplement, or completely replace, poor quality hay with a low nutritional value
  • As a treat or a change for a horse bored with winter forage
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