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We stock an extensive collection of horse feed online at Millbry Hill. Horse feed is one of the most important factors of caring for your horse and choosing the correct one for your horse is essential. We have many different horse feeds for you to choose from online at Millbry Hill from a variety of prestigious brands who have a lot of experience behind them in the horse feed market.

Choosing the correct horse feed for your horse does not have to be a difficult task and our selection of horse feeds online makes that a lot easier. We have all the horse feeds that you could possibly need all in one place and a variety of special offers and savings available whilst buying these.

There are many different types and flavours of horse feed for you to choose from. We have horse feed and horse feed balancers and we stock a huge range of mixes and cubes from competition feed to general leisure feed. We also have a simple guide to horse feeds on our Millbry Hill blog so you have a better chance of choosing the one you need.

A lot of our horse feed brands manufacture feed which is dust free. Dust free feed means that it does not affect your horses respiratory system in any way and they are a perfect choice. Having many mixers and feeds online we realise that it is difficult to pick the one that you like but if you have any specific needs then feel free to contact us and we will attempt to supply you with your exact preference.

We have many different flavours and mixes in our horse feed section so you can always choose the best one for your horse. Your horse may enjoy different types of horse feed just like us they have unique taste buds, preferring one flavour above the other.

View our extensive collection of horse feeds online from the best brands that specifically specialise within the horse feed market such as Spillers horse feed and Baileys Horse Feed. We also stock other great equestrian accessories including horse rugs and horse bits

*Save 10% when you spend �£300 or more on horse feed. Discount valid on horse & pony cubes, mixes, chaffs. beets, balancers, haylage and fibre feeds. Sorry - this offer is not available when paying via Paypal or on telephone orders.