Air Jacket Rule Change for Pony Club & British Eventing

Point Two Air Jackets & Competition RulesRecent rule changes from British Eventing and Pony Club now make it possible to wear an Air Jacket without a traditional body protector underneath for certain disciplines and phases.

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Hindgut Acidosis – Know the Risks

The lifestyle pattern of the domesticated horse is very different from that of the horse in his natural state and this care and feeding regime can often have a negative effect on the digestive health of the horse.

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Feeding for Laminitics

Horses at grass

Laminitis is an extremely painful condition affecting the sensitive laminae of the horse’s hoof.

The laminae are soft tissue structures which attach the pedal bone to the hoof wall. In cases of laminitis, these tissues become inflamed resulting in the laminae being unable to support the pedal bone, which can eventually rotate within the hoof capsule, leading to permanent damage of the foot.

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Puzzled By Paddock Care?

Keep your paddocks in top conditionOur Agriculture team share their tips on equine paddock maintenance.

The life span of an equine paddock depends on how it is looked after, regular soil aeration and fertiliser application. Application should be sufficient to keep the paddock in tip top condition. The more you look after your paddocks the more you will get out of them. Don’t wait until they look like a swamp before you do anything – following a paddock management plan will ensure your paddocks remain in the best possible condition all year round.

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Dry Kibble vs. Canned Diets – Which is Best?

We all want the best for our dogs and our dogs rely on us to make the right decision when selecting their diet. But when it comes to picking a dog food, which type is the best choice: dry or canned?

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