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Forma Drops Soothing Eye Drops (15ml)
Forma Drops Soothing Eye Drops (15ml)

Versele-Laga Forma Drops Soothing Eye Drops (15ml) (Size: 15 ml)

  • Soothing eye drops from Versele Laga
  • Eye care
  • Eye hygiene
  • Ideal check of the respiratory tract
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15 ml
Additional Product Information

Versele Laga Forma Drops are soothing eye drops which are ideal for checking the respiratory tract. In healthy pigeons the eye drop must immediately run away via the tear duct after application in the eye. The blue colour should then be visible in the throat.

Forma Drops are easy to use and in sterile packaging.

Competition pigeons: one drop in each eye and nostril on the day of basketing and on arrival home.
With problems: in the morning and evening
During the racing season: give 1 spoon of powder in the beak every Wednesday
During the moult and winter period: once a week

Patent blue ([4-(alpha-(4-diethylaminophenyl)-5-hydroxy-2,4-disulfophenyl-methylidene)2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene] diethylammonium hydroxide)

Brand Profile

Versele Laga bird supplements and bird food have been active in the petfood market for over 40 years. Their mission is to produce quality petfood, snacks and care products while respecting nature and taking care to target and satisfy the specific needs of each animal. One of Versele Laga's specialist ranges includes Versele Laga for caged birds and Versele Laga for racing pigeons. Specialising in everything from bird supplements to bird food Versele Laga has the answer to fulfil your needs.

Versele Laga have their own Pet Research Center which works in collaberation with leading national and international animal breeders and universities to further develop and adapt foods based on what the animal would eat in its natural environment whilst also providing all the essential vitamins and minerals required.

Versele Laga's specialised vets and nutritionists are not only experienced professionals, they are also passionate about animals and the products they produce.

Millbry Hill can supply all Versele-Laga products even if they are not in stock and usually deliver within 2 weeks. Please give us a call if there are products you require on 0800 652 0432.

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